Monday, January 16, 2012

A hard-to-describe feeling

Hi all!!

Sorry. Sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I think the last time I've updated this blog was....errr...gimme a second...errrrr last year! And that wasn't on December.

I've been quite busy at the moment. Juggling my new work..alhamdulillah been confirmed last year :)

Juggling my relationship. There's been ups and downs but we'll learn from that and we'll gain strength, insya Allah.

Financially, I've started a lot of saving up..yeah yeah. I wanna get married. Who don't??? Hahahaha.

Juggling my beauty routines (is there any? LOL). Nothing much but I just don't use any makeup anymore! Wow! But I still love them, my makeup tools..owh..but until I get great skin (actually is trying some product) let's see the progress, when I got that silky smooth (really??) skin, I might start using minimal make up again.

Mentally EXHAUSTED. A lot of things on my mind. I just want a great damn holiday!!!

And yes, I'll be attending a lot of wedding until June this year and I'm sooooooooo looking forward to all those weddings! Will update on every wedding I went too okey? Hehe.

Oh, last nite I watched 27 dresses, the movie was great (oh and I love Katherine Heigl btw). I've been a bridesmaid a few times..well quite a lot of times actually..and yes, deep inside I wish that all of those people who I've been bridesmaid-ing (such word exists?) will come to my wedding! And yes, when a bride came in at any wedding, I love to look at the groom's expression..priceless!!!

And yes, today is gonna be a great day! Exactly in 2 hours, I'm gonna have a reunion with my ex-colleagues from my ex-company. They are great and meeting them always give me this boost of happiness :) I love them.

Will update on the gathering soon okey. As it'll be in this gorgeous cafe at AmpWalk, I'll take lots of pictures with my non-DSLR camera and upload them for your views okay?

Just a few pictures on what I've been doing and look like for the past months hahaha :

Lots of dating..hahaha yes it's him..he's been bald now! But I actually like it..maybe becoz I adore Vin Diesel! Hahahaha..proof? Need more?? Read my post on how many times I watched Fast Five :)

Kiss lots of froggies! Hahaha this froggy is from him and I put it on my CPU. A frog is watching over me? 

Balik kampung on a train! Everytime! Get on the train and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppp..I took the sleeping bunk!

Blowing candle on my 26th birthday (luckily I've been born in October)!!!! But this year, I'm 27!! Old aite?

Till then, have a great day all my lovelies!

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